Ammo Ammo Mammal Apple Eagle Weezle Automatic Weezy The BB King The Beast Big Daddy Kane Big Baller Big Body Big Dog Big Money Weezy Big Pockets Big Stick Big Stunna Big Tymer Birdman Jr Bossman Weezy Brick Cannon Bring The Money Home Candy Carter The Carter Cartey Cash Money Hot Boy Cash Money Makaveli Daddy Deepwater Carter Deion Sanders Dr. Carter Dr. Carter M.D Eagle Carter Eddie Eduardo Fireman First Place Fo' Sheezy Gangsta Gangsta Groundhog Heatman Hi-C Hoodie Man I Can't Feel My Face I Got Enough Money On Me Iceberg Shorty J.R Junior Knievel Killa Lil Astronomical Lil Cardiac Lil Carter Lil Birdman Junior Lil Full Clip Me Lil Rabbit Lil Tunechi Lil Weezle Lil Weezy Lil Weezy-ana Lil Whodi Little Big Kahuna Little Russell Crowe Little Weezy Little Wizzle Lord Money Making Weezy Mr. Carter Mr. Coach Carter Mr. Crazy Flow Mr. Director's Chair Mr. Doctor Carter Mr. Go-Harder Mr. I-Can't-Make-An-Appointment Mr. Lawn Mower Mr. Make-It-Rain-On-Them-Hoes Mr. Ointment Mr. President Mr. Rainman Mr. Sandman Mr. Shoot-'Em-Down Mr. Swag-more Mr. Water Coolers Mr. Weezy Baby Mr. Withdraws The New Orleans Nightmare No Lungs The Number One Hot Boy On Fire Ocean Drive Slim Off The Heezy Pac-Man Payday Pistol Pete President Carter Porta-Potty Tunechi The Pussy Monster Quick Draw McGraw The Rapper Eater Raw Tune Red Alert The Rhyming Oasis Settling Seventeen Creeper A Shark Stunna Jr Survivor Teardrop Tune That Lil Nigga With The Rope Full Of Diamonds Tommy Gun Tunechi Trigga Man Triple A Tune Tunechi Tunechi Bitch Tunechi Li Tunechi The Boss Usain Wayne Uncle Sam The Ventriloquist The Warden Weez Weezy Baby Weezy Da Crack Weezy Da King Weezy F Weezy Fuckin' Baby Weezy F Crazy Weezy The Dime Weezy The Don Weezy Wayne Weezy Wee Weezy West Wife Beater Wizzle Wizzle F Baby Wizzle Fizzle Wizzy Fizzy Young Ass Weezy Young Baby Young Boy Young Carter Young Dictionary Young Fly Wizzy Young God Young Heart Attack Young Money Democrat Young Nino Young Ozzy Osbourne Young Pimpin' Young Popeye Young Roy Jones, Jr Young Stunna Young Tuna Fish Young Tune Young Tunechi Young Wayne Young Wayne Carruth Young Weezle Young Weezy Young Weezy Baby Young Wizzle

The "F" in Weezy F. BabyEdit

Fascinate Fashion FEMA Ferocious Fill in the blank Finish line Finisher Flame Flow Follow Forensics Forever Fornicate Forget it Fortunate Franchise Free (me) Fresh Front door Fuck Fuck them hoes Fuck what you're goin' through Fuck you Fuck yourself Fucking fantastic Phenomenal (Not) Failing (Not) Fear (Not) Flaw

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