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Lil Wayne

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., better known by his stage name Lil Wayne (amongst many other nicknames), is an American rapper. With a horrendously raspy voice, generic wordplay, and a seemingly stream-of-consciousness flow, he is widely regarded by people with zero knowledge of music as "the best rapper alive". In reality, Lil Wayne is perhaps one of the lowest points of human musical culture, pandying to gormless fans on a for-profit basis. They flock to him, because they have low intellect, and because they have poor music tastes. Born on Sept. 27, 1982 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Lil Wayne was raised in the rough Hollygrove neighborhood of the city's 17th Ward. At age 12, he became the youngest member of Cash Money Records and joined the group Hot Boys in 1997. He released his first solo album, Tha Block is Hot, at age 16 and followed it with several years of mediocrity, as expected. In 2005, Lil Wayne dubbed himself the greatest rapper alive on his album Tha Carter II, and proceeded to back up this claim with an unprecedented hot streak of ridiculously unlistenable mix tapes and guest spots. His laughable foray into music continued with 2008's Tha Carter III, which sold more than a million copies in its first week. Lil Wayne has announced that he plans to retire at age 35 to be with his children, and to be a skateboarder. The music world will not miss his mediocrity.  'Read More...

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"Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex, 'cause you don't want that late text, that
I think I'm late'
text." - 2nd Verse on Lollipop (Remix)

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Walk It Out from Da Drought 3